Part Two: Here There Be Monsters (5)
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Above Kensei's head, the flickering red neon sign identified the building as the "Dive Inn." Masked men and women loitered on the sidewalk. Some were dressed for war, others were barely dressed. As she watched, an unmasked man in street clothes approached a portly man wearing only a domino mask and a Speedo. After a whispered exchange, they went inside the hotel.

Kensei had decided that a kidnapping victim took priority, so she went there first. But instead of an abandoned building, the guidance from the neighborhood spirit had led her to a seedy hotel that seemed to double as a supervillain bordello.

Despite her doubt about the exterior, she could still sense that her target was in a room on the third floor. But the windows all had iron bars on them, discouraging a window entry. Which left h...

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