Part One: Justice Has an Attitude Problem (4)
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Kensei dropped onto the car thief from the rooftop and drove him down into the pavement of the parking lot, then did a backflip to get away from him. He scrambled back up to his feet and turned to face her, blood gushing from his nose.

"What the hell is your problem?" he yelled.

She pointed at the car next to her. "What, is that not your slim jim stuck in the car? Or were you being a good citizen and cleaning up someone else's attempted theft?"

"This is none of your business."

She laughed. "Stopping crime is none of my business? What exactly should a girl like me be doing on a Thursday night?"

The thief responded by pulling out a switchblade. "You're going to regret messing with me."

Resting her hand on her katana...

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Table of Contents

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