Part One: Justice Has an Attitude Problem (3)
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Kensei crouched on a rooftop ledge and looked out over the nearby streets. She had spent over an hour patrolling the whole neighborhood, hoping to spot red headlights. While she did find a few instances of after-market headlight modifications, none belonged to a demon-possessed subcompact car.

When it came to finding the Yugo, Karl was unhelpful. He made excuses about the car being good at hiding, and how it might not actually be in the neighborhood. But he was at least fifty percent certain it was possessed by a demon. This left Kensei having to rely on her mundane senses and her police scanner, neither of which was accomplishing much.

A woman's scream pierced the night and called Kensei to action. She ran in the direction it came from and called out, "Karl, you're dropping the ball at warni...

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