Part One: Justice Has an Attitude Problem (2)
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"Miss Hattori," said the driving instructor in his croaking voice. "The light has turned green."

Jamie Hattori jolted back to alertness and stepped on the accelerator. "Sorry, Mr. Hancock."

"Sorry doesn't save lives," Mr. Hancock responded. "At the next light, turn right."

It had been a long night for Jamie in her role as Kensei. After talking to the police and helping with some of the people who had been injured in the mess created by Traffic Enforcer, she still had to get up bright and early for school. Her mom ruined any chance for rest after classes by reminding her that she had driving lessons that day.

So there she sat with Robert Hancock of Karlsburg Defensive Driving, honing her driving skills while barely able to keep her eyes ope...

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