Motherhood – Part One: A Crash Course In Stigma (2)
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or a girl? Have we picked any names yet? Is the baby very active? Am I still healthy? Am I worried about labour? What pain relief will I be using? Am I going to breast-feed? You think you’re tired now? Just you wait. When am I due? Have I got any plans for inducing labour? Did I know that nipple-tweaking is quite effective?

Then, there’s the sharing of expertise – because everyone is an expert when it comes to having babies. Either they’ve had babies, or someone close to them has had babies. Or they’ve read this very good book about having babies, and have I read it too? Or they’ve seen a documentary about childbirth, and maybe I could download it and watch it later? The fact that no two babies, and no two labour experiences are the same does not matter. Everyone ha...

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