Love, Sex, And Work (6)
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mortgages to contend with. These things went much further than simply retrieving a toothbrush from somebody else’s sink.  

Then, while rallying to support the two of them in their times of trouble, my own relationship ended.

It had been getting worse since I started my new job - just as I thought it would. If he got mad about me socialising with my fellow A Level students, he certainly wasn’t going to like me fraternising with a bunch of businessmen and IT programmers. By the end, I was happier to be at work than I was to be at home. At work, I was appreciated for the person I was, and the things I achieved. I would get my two buses home (or T-shirt Guy would kindly give me a lift to Bromley South, leaving me with just one bus to catch), get straight in the bath (to wa...

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