Love, Sex, And Work (5)
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woman, with a clear flair for the dramatic and a flouncy blouse, gushed toward me. I apologised for my lateness, and explained our mistake. She seemed amused, and invited me to follow her to the meeting room. As we headed into the depths of this fascinating building, I saw that it was structured round a quad. There was a courtyard in the centre, and the corridors lined each side. This meant that, on the outside, there was a ground floor and what seemed to be an upstairs on one side of the building, but on the inside, there was a lower ground floor level too. As we walked through the place, Flouncy Blouse explained the mix of tenants that rented office space. There were financial advisers, mortgage brokers, an office supplies company, a telemarketing company, and even a music teacher. I was beginning to like the...

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