Murder In Eltham (2)
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time World War II was underway, Eltham consisted of four estates: the Page/Brook (1923), Middle Park (1931 - 1936), Horn Park (1936 - 1950s) and the already established Progress estate. The Ferrier Estate - my first home in bordering Kidbrooke - was completed in 1970. These estates provided cost-effective, well-planned housing for the local council to provide to its residents. There were plenty of green spaces, and numerous schools to cater for the families. Though these housing developments were welcome after the horrific damage caused in London by the Blitz in World War II, the lasting legacy is a town that is somewhat disjointed, with defined and specific areas that feed into the rivalries created and exploited by local gangs. It created a divided populace, within a contained area.

The gangs reached everywhere. As a...

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