Murder In Eltham (1)
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On 22nd April 1993, a young man named Stephen Lawrence was brutally stabbed to death a few hundred yards from my home. According to the investigation that followed, he had been at school in Blackheath, before travelling to Lewisham to shop. He then travelled by bus to Plumstead to visit a family member, where he met up with his friend, Duwayne Brooks. Making their way home, they realised they were on the wrong bus, and decided to switch at Well Hall Road, near the junction with Westhorne Avenue - where I lived. They were on that stretch of road when a group of teenagers crossed the road toward Lawrence, surrounded him, and stabbed him deeply, twice. As he and Brooks tried to run away and escape, Lawrence collapsed and bled to death.

He was five years older than me, making him a similar age to...

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