Obvious Secret Identity
By Dan Fecht

Bill McStowe      7/07/16 2:51 AM

Enjoyed the latest. Really connected with the "Oregon Trail" character. ๐Ÿ‘
Dan Fecht      7/07/16 11:41 AM
Hey Thanks Bill! Did you relate to the "Oregon Trail" character through a similar episode of dysentery?

Sandra Robinson      6/17/16 3:26 PM

Dan Fecht      6/17/16 6:03 PM
Thanks a ton!

Lloyd A. Green      6/01/16 5:37 AM

About Angry food Critic. Trying not to be a snob but new York City has the best pizza. This means I agree with your early premise. I lived in the Midwest for a few years and I could not believe what they got away with calling pizza. There's no place like home. Great story.

Maggie John      5/17/16 5:49 PM

Ohhhhhh. This was equal parts hilarious and nightmare. I used to take the Greyhound all the time in college from NYC to Boston and vice versa and I'm happy to say that I never once had an experience like this! :-)
Maggie John      5/18/16 1:05 PM
Entirely possible that I was someone's bad experience! I didn't ever speak to anyone on the bus, but I always fell asleep. Maybe I snored!

Bill McStowe      5/17/16 11:51 PM
Maybe you were someone's bad experience? :-P

Bill McStowe      5/17/16 10:47 AM

Laughing out loud with Greyhound. I think you made the right choice at the time.
Dan Fecht      5/17/16 11:44 AM
You're right. I did make the right choice then. But it's cringe worthy to think back on that's it sure ๐Ÿ˜•

Lloyd A. Green      5/17/16 2:58 AM

Long bus rides can be a pain. Almost thought you found a new girlfriend but she sounded like she was a little long in the tooth :)
Dan Fecht      5/17/16 11:41 AM
Haha. Thanks for reading!

Lloyd A. Green      5/11/16 4:50 PM

Really enjoying our series. It's very relatable. On one hand the kid with little confidence so he dropped out of the baseball team was very sad. The the other hand, I'd like to be the fly on the wall when his parents realized that he really had no intention of continuing. I mean, $700.00. Let's be for real. I bet that explosion was in the newspapers.
Dan Fecht      5/11/16 7:20 PM
I'm surprised to know that Richie didn't end up on the six o'clock news after quitting baseball! I'm happy to hear you are enjoying!

Maggie John      4/25/16 5:11 PM

Ohhhhh wow. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this latest entry! That "homeless" guy -- yikes! And that poor child! Sigh.

Maggie John      4/25/16 3:50 PM

Ohhhhh wow. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this latest entry! That "homeless" guy -- yikes! And that poor child! Sigh.
Dan Fecht      5/11/16 7:14 PM
Feel free to laugh and cry at the same time!

Pierce Hubbard      4/20/16 11:23 PM

Very relatable work. I'm enjoying the series so far. You do a very good job illustrating dialogue. I can relate to your characters Richie and Billy...I think we all have a little Ritchie in us at times!
Dan Fecht      5/11/16 7:21 PM
That we do....that we do....

Bill McStowe      4/18/16 2:12 AM

Hey! Enjoyed the "Hand Movements" piece. I liked those tidbits of information. Thumbs up! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Dan Fecht      4/18/16 3:21 AM
Thanks a ton! I know you're plotting to shake my hand with your left hand. I'm one step ahead of you, buddy.

Maggie John      4/13/16 2:55 PM

I'm enjoying your series. "I'm thinking a Valentine's dinner date for some tooth-fish." This made me laugh out loud, and I needed that today. Thanks! :-)
Dan Fecht      4/13/16 4:58 PM
Thanks for keeping up, I appreciate it! Mark my words, you'll be invited on a date for some tooth-fish next week. Enjoying your series as well๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป