No Vacancy
By Lisa M. Giannone

Daniel J. Flore III      12/09/16 9:06 AM

I enjoyed reading "No Vacancy." Charming and honest writing. Looking forward to checking out " A Touch of Noir." :)
Lisa M. Giannone      12/09/16 6:28 PM
Thanks, Daniel. You are very kind. I appreciate your support, here and on Twitter. Reading Venus Fly Trap right now!

Lloyd A. Green      11/02/16 8:37 PM

Concerning your first post: Hey, Lisa. Men do have their issues but as one of the "nice ones' I know how difficult it can be out there. Women can be as harsh as men when it comes to "getting what they want from a guy." My preference is to stay as far away from dating as possible and maintain a secure relationship. Yeah it's hard to find and difficult to maintain but the alternative drives me crazy. P.S. I'm in agreement with what you said about guys. We are pigs.
Lisa M. Giannone      11/10/16 3:32 PM
Yes it certainly isn't true of all men, but it is of every man I have been with. And my current three are all like this, so I have become like a man and treat them as they treat me. It's easier on the psyche. Thanks for subscribing, reading and posting.

Holly Tellander      11/02/16 12:28 PM

Just subscribed - you've got some really great sentences in these pages.... I'm a sucker for a beautiful sentence. Beautiful men are too hard to maintain. I'll stick with the sentences :)
Lisa M. Giannone      11/10/16 3:33 PM
Well thank you! It means a lot to me, as I almost didn't publish this. I wrote it for a cathartic release and then I thought, why not, maybe others feel the same way.

Clair Chaytors      9/20/16 9:31 AM

A beautiful and really thought provoking series...
Lisa M. Giannone      9/22/16 10:18 PM
Why, thank you!! These essays were written as a cathartic exercise. Sometimes I wonder if they're too angtsy and if anyone else would care. So I appreciate that feedback! Thanks.

Bill McStowe      9/17/16 12:51 PM

A lot of "pop" and circumstance with the latest! ;-)
Lisa M. Giannone      9/22/16 10:18 PM
Good "pop"?? ;)

Sarah Warman      9/06/16 5:54 PM

Enjoyed "Flying the Friendly Skies"! I also have experienced the 'de icing' only to be told that our bathroom water was still frozen and we needed to de-board so they could heat up the plane to sauna-like temperatures. Then we had to 'de ice' again. And all I really wanted was to escape five degree weather!
Lisa M. Giannone      9/08/16 12:26 AM
I hope it wasn't too angsty a piece. I have a very bad relationship with airlines. I cancelled two trips and now have to fly before I lose the money. So I am going to have to deal with them again before the year is out. Ugh

Briana Bryon      7/06/16 12:38 PM

You still use a dictionary? Very retro and vintage of you!
Lisa M. Giannone      9/08/16 12:25 AM
Yes I am old school all the way. Very new to online and social media too. :)

Lisa M. Giannone      7/07/16 10:30 PM
Yes I use a dictionary, but am also paper-based. I write in moleskine notebooks and use a Franklin Planner. And thank you, I am very much a fan of retro and vintage things, unfortunately many things are from my era. :) Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. And thanks for reading!!!

Lisa Giannone      4/13/16 10:03 PM

Sarah, you're right, and I thought about that as I posted it. Without internet, I would have had to go the traditional publishing route, and may have given up. But, in my late-40's, many of these great inventions came along after I graduated college, so I am always behind the curve. I only recently got a smartphone, I was slow to adopt cellphones as I used to work 24/7 on call supporting healthcare mainframe system and I just don't like being available day and night anymore. Brings back bad memories! I often think of my Grandparents (your post reminded me of them), how different my generation was raised then today's. We had 6 parents, my real parents and four grandparents. What my parents didn't discipline, my grandparents did. We couldn't get away with anything and were raised to respect authority, be grateful, to work hard, etc. So I struggle when I see how younger generations act, especially towards their elders. But I also grew up in a time where it was ok for a parent to slap or belt, so things have changed for sure. I often feel as if I am a rare breed who remembers a simpler time, peace, respect and how to add simple numbers and that you aren't given anything, you earn it.. Like an episode in the Twilight Zone, not sure if I am the normal one or the insane. A few of my posts are kind of related to nostalgia for decades ago. But with a humorous spin. Thanks for subscribing!!! I will never toss my Franklin Covey. Technology is just not 100% reliable. But I take a lot of flack for it from the younger ones.

Sarah Warman      4/13/16 6:08 PM

If it makes you feel any better I use a Blue Sky planner and I'm in my early thirties. I grew up as technology developed along with me. So I kind of feel like I've been a test pilot of many things, but I still remember the simpler versions of most of today's items. I've always used computers for college and work but it's been the smart phone that has really got me hooked. I've been trying to scale back, although I realize without these inventions I would never be able to share my writing with the world. I suppose it's a double edged sword in many ways.

Heather Awad      4/13/16 2:31 AM

Watch the Gap - I could not agree with you more! About all of it! Things will never be as they once were.

Lisa M. Giannone      4/09/16 7:46 PM

Thanks a lot Heather! I really appreciate your feedback, especially because I am so enjoying your writing style, and hope to be half as good as you someday. I found a copy of the Girl with the Blue Umbrella in my mailbox yesterday! Can't wait to read it. I do poetry on another site (not even close to your caliber) and it will probably be the basis for a 3rd series on channillo. Happy writing and reading!

Heather Awad      3/19/16 12:26 AM

OMG, Lisa, I could have wrote this! I was reading and hearing myself, and ALL the same issues I've encountered. Awesome! Can't wait to read more!