Nick & Amy
By Jamie Seitz

Jamie Seitz      8/18/20 5:51 PM

What's that? You want to laugh about someone else's bonkers relationship in Covid quarantine so you don't have to cry about the state of your own being locked down together for months? Great...there's a new Nick & Amy ready for you. Enjoy :)

Jamie Seitz      7/29/20 2:59 PM

Guess what, friends? A new Nick & Amy is out today! Check out Nick & Amy & the Squirrel for a light, fun summertime read :)

Jamie Seitz      6/25/20 9:44 AM

Hi friends and readers! It's been a minute since you've been able to read a Nick & Amy adventure because life got incredibly busy and with Covid and the shut down, my creativity and desire to write anything funny took a back seat to my family and the never ending laundry pile. But good news! I'm working on some new Nick & Amy as we speak and hope to have it posted in the next few weeks! Stick around friends! I've missed you! Hope you're staying safe and healthy! Jamie