Nick & Amy & the Squirrel (3)
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>Nick smiles calmly and shakes his head.  “I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to go do some damage control with Cal and Betty next door.  They’re definitely afraid of me now, but I think maybe a good bottle of wine will erase the colorful words and detailed murder scenario they heard coming out of my mouth at the crack of dawn.”  He reaches out to reassuringly pat Amy’s hand. 

“Sure, babe.”  Amy sips her coffee and points to a pile of apple cores balanced precariously on the table next to him.  “What do we have going on here, babe?”

“Oh, nothing really,” Nick shrugs.  “I just decided I won’t be beat by that asshole squirrel.  I’m not going to let those apples go to waste, so wh...

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