Nick & Amy & the Squirrel (2)
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a fight.  How about I take away your delicious seeds you like to eat from the bird feeder, you jackwagon? No more seeds for you, Squirrel.  See how you like that?”

“What?  No!” Amy barks as she watches Nick stalk over to the bird feeders hanging in the trees and pulls each one down to the ground.  “I was thinking we’d shoot it with a BB gun!”

The birdfeeders Nick has gathered in his hands clank together as he stops short in the yard and turns to Amy.  “Shoot it?  Geez, Amy.  He only ate one apple.”  I’m just going to put these bird feeders away from a few days and teach him a lesson.  Then when I put them back out, he’ll know to eat the seeds and not the apples.  See?”

Amy rol...

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