Nick & Amy & the TV Antenna (2)
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“Did you order a new antenna last night?” Amy asks Nick as she pours cereal for their youngest daughter.

“We’re getting a new antenna?” demands Sophia.  “Will that finally make Jeopardy come in better? It’s always fuzzy and it completely cuts out by the end.  I haven’t seen the answer to Final Jeopardy in months.”

“What are you talking about, Sophie? Since when are you watching Jeopardy?” Nick squints at his ten-year-old. 

“Daddy.  You know I like my game shows,” she rolls her eyes at him and shovels a spoonful of cornflakes into her mouth.  “So, we’re really getting a new antenna?  You know, my friend Macy says it’s weird we don’t have cable.  She said her dad said...

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