Nick & Amy & the Gift of Massage (3)
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margin-right:0in">Now it’s Amy’s turn to laugh as her husband begrudgingly unbuttons his dress shirt and slips his arms out.  Stifling a giggle, she can see the goosebumps raise immediately on his bare arms and chest and he crosses his arms and tries to rub them away unsuccessfully. 


“Cold, honey?” Amy mocks him as he sits there bare chested in his pants and socks.  Covering his nipples with two fingers, Nick wags his eyebrows at his wife.

“How could you tell?” he feigns offense.  He moves to lay down on his back, but the woman begins to swat at him with the towel from the end of his table, screeching and whirling her hands around in a circle.  “I’m not sure what you’re saying?  You don’t have to hit...

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