Nick & Amy & the Dying Cat (4)
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you know Sonny isn’t getting any better.  He’s still sick and today we’re taking him to the vet and having him put to sleep.”

“For real this time?” Peter blurts out.  She nods, giving her husband the side eye, but Nick is busy sweetly and conveniently rubbing his son’s back to make him feel better.

“Yes, for real this time,” Amy continues.  “I want us to remember Sonny as the happy cat who liked to sleep in the sun all day and race around in circles keeping us all awake all night long.  Okay?”

“Mom’s right,” Nick adds, “and we’ve got these great drawings here that Sophie made of Sonny to remember him by.” Her husband holds up two pictures of black cats with one crazy eye and syringes stickin...

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Table of Contents

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