Nick & Amy & the Dying Cat (3)
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door bangs open, but instead of the tearstained face she expects to see, Nick looks quite sheepish as he wrestles with the cat carrier with a cat still inside.

“Oh shit,” Amy mutters under her breath.  “We all said goodbye, Nick.  You were supposed to leave him there.”

“Now Honey,” Nick begins, “here’s the thing.” 

Amy inhales deeply and shakes her head, wondering how the hell she’s going to explain this to her kids.  “What Nick?  What’s the thing?  Can Sonny be healed?  Is it not what we thought?”

“No.  He’s in congestive heart failure, which is exactly one of the seven things I thought it could be based on the internet.  But I just couldn’t do it,” he admits.  &ldqu...

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Table of Contents

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