Nick & Amy & the Dying Cat (2)
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we can try here at home first, like maybe some oils or something.  My wife has lavender and thieves here.” 

Amy rolled her eyes at her husband and throws her hands in the air.  As if the vet is going to just give Sonny meds without seeing him first, she thinks.  And lavender?  Lavender is going to cure her cat?

“Well, I’m pretty sure that’s what he has,” Nick is arguing into the phone.  “I mean, according to PetMD that’s exactly what it probably is.  I guess we’ll bring him in if we have to.  Can we come right now?”

Amy glares at her husband but Nick shrugs her off and makes a face at her.  She crouches next to Sonny again and rubs the edge of his ear. 

“I’m sorry, Sonny.  H...

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