Nick & Amy & the Dying Cat (1)
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Nick and Amy have been married for seventeen years and for all those years, plus the two years they were dating, they have shared a cat named Sonny.  Nick and Amy were just college students playing house when they spontaneously chose a scrawny kitten the color of midnight from a litter for sale in front of the grocery store one rainy fall night, never imagining that all these years later Sonny would still be alive and kicking.  To be fair, Sonny did more napping and puking than actual kicking, but nonetheless, he was a treasured part of the family.  Nick and Amy’s three children: Stella, Peter, and Sophie, had grown up with the cat and rolled their eyes when their parents got out the pictures of the olden days where Sonny is swaddled and carried like a baby. 

But in the last y...

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