Nick & Amy Go to Mexico (3)
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several feet away from the kayak, shaking water from his hair like a dog and roaring with laughter.  Struggling against the current and clinging to both paddles, Nick makes his way back to her, a huge grin plastered across his face.  In a second, the kayak is bobbing right side up again and Nick, like a damn nimble sea gnome, is somehow seated comfortably in the kayak.

“How? How are you doing that?” Amy screeches at him and he has the audacity to shrug his shoulders while he laughs at her. 

“I don’t know, honey.  I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t be laughing.  Ok, this time I’m going to lean the other way when you jump in, so we don’t flip.”

Panic is blooming in Amy’s chest at the thought of never being able to get in...

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