Nick & Amy Go to Mexico (2)
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you’ve been married for seventeen years, you don’t make out in line anymore, you just fight about bills and work and kids. Do you want to see my stretch marks?”


Amy whips back to Nick, who is grinning at her like a maniac.  He likes it when she’s spicy.  But the moment is short-lived because now Nick is back on the topic of work.

“Ok, then they can’t call me.  It’ll be fine.  I’ll just send an email or two quick while we’re waiting here.  Five tops.  It’s gonna be fine.  We’re doing it, Amy!”

Amy squeezes her eyes shut, so Nick can’t see how exaggeratively she is rolling her eyeballs at him, takes a deep breath and slowly exhales.  In five hours, she’ll be sitting on...

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Table of Contents

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