New Orleans Supernatural Weekly
By Deborah Dixon

Deborah Dixon      2/07/17 10:40 PM

Occasionally Asked Questions: Here are a few questions which have come up recently. (I didn't say "Frequently Asked Questions" because they aren't really *frequently* asked.) "How long will this series run?" -At least through May. I write the stories as I go, but I have an outline for how things will go. I know how this series will end, and it will start to do so around March. "Is it too late to get into this series? I see you've got a ton of installments." -Trick of the eyes. There are only 14 stories and 6 extras. The stories get split up when I submit them to the website, and while I could go back and edit them to be one long thing, I like Channillo's setup better. Having them broken up is not unlike turning a page. But no, it isn't too late to jump in! The stories aren't long and are meant to be binge-able, and Channillo does let you mark which stories you have read as you go. "Can I skip the Extras?" -The Extras are designed to be supplemental. So while they sometimes get referred back to during the main stories, you can go through and skip them, particularly if you're reading mostly for the paranormal/horror aspect (the Extras tend to focus on characterization). If you're reading for the full intrigue story arc, I would recommend reading the extras. I did write them to be read, after all. :) "Will there be more for these characters after this series ends?" -Yep! Say, Sam, and Jamie are all part of the larger "universe" of my writings, and will pop up from time to time in my future works. I'm also planning a separate novel that will pick up from the end of NOSPN, probably to be released in 2018 or 2019. "I have more questions!" -I love questions. Feel free to reach out to me - here on Channillo works, but I'll probably see it sooner on Twitter since my phone has the Twitter app. Ask away!
Deborah Dixon      2/07/17 10:41 PM
-And sorry about the formatting. I was going for a list. Didn't realize it would come out as a giant blob of text.