Leo's Story / Second Encounter (Part 4)
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Leo was actually nervous for some reason as he awaited Kate’s arrival.  He hoped he wasn’t expecting too much.  The cute little girl may have peaked before puberty.  He could be stuck conversing with a not-so-attractive divorcee.  Her husband didn’t even find her appealing.  What had he gotten himself into?

As soon as she made her entrance, his worries were squelched.  He almost forgot to breathe while taking in her appearance, from her gorgeous hair to her shapely legs.  Wow!  Was he dreaming?    She had to be the most beautiful women he had ever encountered.

The evening went better than Leo had expected.  Kate was definitely interested in him.  He expected no less with his looks and charisma.  A recently divorced woman with two smal...

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Table of Contents

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