Nathan's Story / Enter Kate (Part 2)
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On the plane ride together, Nathan was consumed with thoughts of how to win the fair Kate, followed by a quick fantasy of her releasing her lovely newly dyed, dark locks that were currently bound in a tight bun.  Her hair cascaded around sexy, naked breasts, and she stared at him with a look of longing in her beautiful eyes. 

She interrupted his reverie with her angry tone.  His inability to pay attention only caused her annoyance.  He wasn’t winning any points by ignoring her comments.

Damn, she fine.  He had a sudden urge to press his lips softly against hers.  No!  He had to be patient and wait until they were alone.

Dinner with the lovely lady went off without a hitch.  He already had one glass of wine in her and had purchased a bottle to take bac...

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Table of Contents

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