Nathan's Story / First Love (Part 1)
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The newly married couple moved in with Thomas’ mother, Irene.  His father, Cameron, was also a police officer that had died seven years prior as he pursued a man who robbed a store on foot.  A car swerved to miss the culprit and hit him instead.  Meredith wasn’t crazy about the idea of moving in with the woman, but he made a compelling case about her poor health.  In addition to high blood pressure, she was now struggling with recently diagnosed adult-onset diabetes.  Meredith contemplated that maybe she wouldn’t last long and a large life insurance policy for her only son had been taken out to be dispersed in the event of her death.

On September 30, 1976, Nathan Thomas Reed came into the world.  He was several weeks early, but healthy and strong.  His cherub...

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Table of Contents

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