Nathan's Story / Nathan's Parents (Part 1)
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New York, January 1976

Meredith Prescott was in her senior year of college when her string of bad luck started.  She was on her way to meet a friend for coffee when the lights flashed in her rearview mirror and a siren sounded in her ears.  I know I wasn’t speeding.  She turned her steering wheel to the right, put her 1970 BMW in park, and waited impatiently to find out why an officer had the gall to pull her over.  Her window wasn’t lowered until the man was standing next to her.

“What seems to be the problem, Officer?”  As the question exited Meredith’s mouth, she stared into the face of the most handsome man she’d ever laid eyes on.  His dark hair was wavy, and his deep brown eyes seemed to pierce right into her soul.

“You’ve got a flat tire, ma’am.  Do you have a spare in your trunk?”

“Yes.  I’m ashamed to admit I have no idea of how to change it.”

“I’d be happy to help you out.”

Meredith exited the driver’s side of her vehicle to open the trunk for Officer T. Reed.  She had caught a glimpse of his name tag.  The keys could have easily been handed off, but there was an ulterior motive for her assistance.  She wanted a better look at the man who piqued her interest more than anyone had since she started college.

There was no wedding band on his left hand.  Her intuition told her that he was interested.  She stood next to him, making small talk, as his strong arms made quick work out of supporting the car with the jack, using the four-way lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts, and then cranking the jack until the car was off the ground.  The flat tire was removed, and the spare was in its place in no time.

Meredith was enjoying the show of masculinity.  When Officer Reed was finished with his task and raised up to a standing position beside of her, she had already come up with a way to thank him properly.  “Please allow me to buy you dinner this evening when you’re off duty.  It’s the least I can do.”

Thomas wasn’t the type of man to need payment for a kind act.  This woman had a way about her that made him anxious for another chance to be graced by her company.  Her extraordinary beauty was only enhanced by the manner in which she spoke and dressed.  She was certainly different from the other women he encountered.  Classy was the word he’d use to describe her.   “I get off work at six.  Where can I meet you?”


Meredith hoped like hell she hadn’t lost her touch, and Thomas could read all her subtle signals when he insisted on walking her to her car after the lovely meal and conversation they shared.  He gave her a tender peck on the cheek and asked if he could see her again.

It was nearly a week later and their third date before she finally got what she wanted from him.  Somehow, he had managed to keep her at bay until that night, even though on their second date she had instigated an amorous make-out session in his car when he picked her up from her dorm room.  Her roommate had just left to meet her boyfriend when three soft raps sounded on her door.  She pulled him into the room and planted a longing kiss on his full lips.

Thomas broke the embrace and stepped back.  “We should probably go and eat now.”

Meredith dropped to her knees and had to work quickly unzipping Thomas’ pants and surrounding his already semi-hard shaft into her mouth.  His manly moan was all the encouragement she needed to continue her efforts.

Meredith had a few dalliances in college when the urge would strike her.  She had gone almost a whole year without a man’s touch this time around, determined to finish her degree with no distractions.  Thomas ended up becoming a nice interruption in her otherwise serious and studious life.  How a man with a body and face like his had gone twenty-six years without a woman getting her hooks into him was beyond her comprehension.

Just in case he had any thoughts of retreating from her room, she stood and did her most seductive striptease.  His clothes soon followed.  When the two of them were naked on the bed, she was able to take a breath of relief.  This round in the bedroom had taken considerable effort.

Thomas was a strong but tender lover.  His strong hands softly touched her face as his mouth assaulted her own with a vicious kiss.  He lovingly traced a line with his fingers down between her breasts before he consumed the right one with his mouth.  Once he was inside of her, she finally knew what fulfillment truly meant.  Other men had been a quick fix for her sexual urges.  This time she was being made love to, and nothing would ever be the same.

Meredith was feeling sensations she had never felt with any other man.  She was starting to realize how special Thomas was to her.  Damn it.  She was falling for him.  There was only one glitch to their otherwise perfect relationship.  He could never fit in with her goals after graduation.  Her business administration classes were teaching her everything she needed to know about marketing, finances, and management.  She was intelligent enough to land at least an entry level position and work her way up to one of the top men in any company that had the good fortune to hire her.  After becoming invaluable to him in the office, eventually convincing him that her skills in the bedroom made her the perfect candidate for a wife should prove to be an easy task.  Her life would be spent with a mate that offered her all the worldly possessions a six-figure salary could afford.  She doubted a police officer made a tenth of the earnings she expected of her future husband.

Money and prestige drifted to back of Meredith’s brain as the first climax spilled over her in a wave of bliss.  She could have stopped at that very moment and been perfectly satisfied.  Thomas kept going with his scintillating kisses and electric touches that sparked her desire even further.  No male she’d ever been with bothered to give her multiple orgasms.  A few had given her none.  Thomas took his sweet time, slowly moving in and out, and seemingly skillful enough to find the right spot to make her body explode at least three times until the pleasure continuously pulsated over her.  His explosion finally sated her inner hunger.  

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