Phase Thirty-Five: Loop Holes and Lost Time
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I don't know where my head has been lately. It certainly hasn't been attached to my ever-present body. I mean, in a literal sense it is, but I am having a hard time finding focus and meaning in everyday life. 

Time is such a funny thing and it doesn't take much effort to lose the sense of it. At least lately that seems to be the case, and now that the world is opening back up it's harder to find that solid footing again. Who am I kidding though? Solid footing? I don't think that has ever been a reality in my world for a very long time. 

Summer vacation. I remember when that used to mean something, especially when I was a kid. Encompassed by the feeling that anything and everything was possible, with nothing to worry about aside from where the next adventure was g...

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Table of Contents

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