Phase Thirty-Four: The Conflicting Sound of Reason
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Starting over. That's something that sometimes comes unexpectedly. Big changes, mean that that minds need to be altered and plans need to have some flexibility. So here I am, believing in the choices that have been made, knowing that it's going to carve a better, more solid road for the one in my life who still needs my guidance. 

Who knew being a parent was going to be so hard? I mean, I knew it wasn't going to be a walk in the park and I willingly signed up for the role, but who knew there would be so many other factors at play? There is no rule book, only the unrelenting thoughts nagging at the back of my mind to make sure my child has the best and brightest opportunities available to him. 

So, keeping that in mind, we are navigating through a new...

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Table of Contents

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