Phase Twenty: Apocalypse Right Now. No Really.
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So. I woke up one morning.

The murmuring of a rapidly spreading virus in my peripherals.

“That sucks,” I say to myself

Okay. Sure. Just another day, with so many things to do. So those thoughts get tossed aside and not even a sideways glance is tossed in its direction. I mean life is way too busy to pause and really take in some of the more mundane worldly events. Or at least, it used to feel that way.


It seems like we have stepped into some sort of apocalyptic horror show. This is what we read about, write about, use our vast imaginations to twist the innocent into some hellish, offputting reality. We don't need to imagine these days, we are actively living in it. And by living, I mean self-isolating a...

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Table of Contents

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