Phase Nine: The Barbie Doll Conundrum
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When I was a young girl, I had a plethora of different toys. I had my share of Barbie Dolls, sure, but sometimes, even at such a young age, I felt inadequate when I played with them. It doesn't take long for innocence to be twisted into something nocuous. I suppose that is why I liked Lego's better. You could shape whatever you wanted with those tiny blocks, there was no limit to your imagination.

Exposure to body negativity isn't something one can just be sheltered from. Personally, I have been dealing with that battle since I was in Elementary School. I have always been a little on the “hefty” side, even saying that makes me recoil and cringe a bit, when it really shouldn't. I have been conditioned from a very young age of what is right, and proper...

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Table of Contents

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