Phase Eight: The Slasher Effect
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Always look forward. That's what “they” keep instructing us to do. Push through the pain and the chaos and you shall be rewarded. I'm calling BS on this right now. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice sentiment, but it doesn't match the ever-changing world we see ourselves in. At least not the world I currently reside in.

Is it so wrong to lament and give in to a few melancholy moments along the way? We have the opportunity to hone in on another life lesson, seeing it for the monster it is. Life can be beautiful, sure, there's that aspect, but it can also be ugly, painful and unrelenting. I find that I draw more strength from the downtimes than I do from the high.

I feel that life is like a horror movie. You never know what is going on behind e...

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Table of Contents

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