Phase Two: The Big "P"
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Picture yourself, motivated and full of promise. You can envision the end result, but how do you get there without becoming hopelessly distracted? If anyone has discovered a foolproof way of doing this, please let me know, because I have yet to detain the big “P”. It entices me at every turn and usually ends up winning.

When I talk about the big “P”, I, of course, mean that cruel mistress, that is procrastination. I can hear her calling to me, even now as I type this out. Knowing full well that I have a deadline to meet and a piece of writing to create. My mind wanders, and I can feel the pull tempt my productiveness. Can't I just stop for a moment? Can't I just take this one, little break? Oh, look. A game of solitaire that seems to be calling my name, just when I nee...

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Table of Contents

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