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How does one start out on a journey, any journey? Putting one foot in front of the other hoping that solid ground will greet the tired and weary traveler. Grasping onto straws and the hope that this time, things will go according to plan. Until reality sets in and you are met with a choice. Give up, turn tail and run OR embrace the chaos and fake it till you make it. The latter is often the ideal choice.

As this series progresses you will become privy the perilous life and times of a not-so-put-together 30 something. Just like any other person with well-meaning intentions, trying to seek answers to lives burning questions. “Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing? Did I remember to turn off the stove?” You know, the usual suspects.

I, in my finite wisdom, have developed a foolproof way of feigning confidence in such a busy and overwhelming world. Heed my advice, or don't. You were built with the ability to make your own choices, mistakes, opinions. For all you know I could be writing down a rather convincing series of letters to form these sentences that seep into your conscious and make you think. But I digress.

Join me as I continue to unlock the mysteries and potential that is hidden inside. Writing is not only an excellent form of therapy, but it's also a platform to engage in unlimited possibilities. Learn from my mistakes, but don't hesitate to make your own. That's the important part here, it's okay to not be okay. I cannot stress this enough. You are imperfect, flawed, charred, but that's okay. It's who you are, and that isn't such a bad thing, is it?

You may be asking what is my secret to being so on top of my shit? I'll let you in on my little secret... I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's easier to roll with the punches instead of struggling against the onslaught of mayhem. You may call me melodramatic, just don't call me late for dinner (I'll never make it as a comedian, I know). Life isn't all roses, unicorns, and glitter after all. There are darker parts, things that are easy to gloss over and disregard. Let it all hang out in its grotesque glory.

Own your shit, don't let it own you.

I mean it's not rocket science, now is it? If only life was as clear cut as that. The complexities are vast, and we only have so much time on this planet to try and get it together. If we are lucky enough, that is. 


I'll step off my soapbox now. Let's get on with the show, shall we?


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A. S. Deller      4/15/19 3:40 PM

I love that you set some ground rules. I'm in this for the long haul- Let's see where it goes! Thank you for sharing.

C.A. Gallinger      4/18/19 3:45 PM

Thank you so much for reading and joining along in this journey! I appreciate your kind words and support!

Rebecca Holland      4/12/19 6:53 AM

Great beginning! I’m interested to read this series. I enjoyed Blossful Sorrows :)

C.A. Gallinger      4/18/19 3:44 PM

Thanks so much Rebecca! I appreciate your support!

Kerriann Curtis      4/10/19 12:24 PM

Absolutely brilliant. Are we sharing the same mind waves or something?? Thank you for sharing this with us, I cannot wait to see where this leads..

C.A. Gallinger      4/11/19 10:16 AM

Thank you so much! If we are, you may want to stay out the basement, it's scary in there. ;) Happy to have you on this journey! It's certainly a step out of my comfort zone.

Ibrahim Oga      4/10/19 2:22 PM

**We cannot wait to see where this leads!

Ibrahim Oga      4/10/19 11:35 AM

I feel like this series will be written for me and here for it.

C.A. Gallinger      4/11/19 10:13 AM

Well, glad to have you here for it! There is something thrilling about stepping outside the box.

Kerriann Curtis      4/10/19 12:23 PM

No it was meant for me!!!!