My Life as a 21 Year-Old Grandmother
By Morgane Brun

Maria Levant      9/14/16 8:56 AM

It's good to get a new installment! and a particularly reflective one, too. In relation to the Paris attacks of November 2015, your own life experience shows how the memory of such a horror can be imbedded in each of us so differently: for you, the timing was such that it became linked with your own personal nightmare, otherwise completely unrelated (except for you being Parisian, of course...). I do believe you will come out of this horrendous experience the stronger for it; writing is surely part of your healing path, onwards and upwards. Your writing is just beautiful and I look forward to more installments!

Morgane Brun      9/02/16 3:34 PM

Dear All, I am so sorry I have been completely absent from Channillo these past couple of months; I have been extremely busy fighting a mix of work, administrative paperwork proving my stroke isn't a liability to studies, and personal issues these past few weeks and all this has contributed to my being essentially absent from the website. I plan on posting once a week again early October and hope you will be happy to have access to my series live once again. I hope you are all doing well! Morgane

Victor Whyte      5/24/16 1:42 AM

Man, oh man, what you're going through brings tears to my eyes. I thought I better check you out because you're the only one who has subscribed to my series which has earned me the princely sum of 69 cents. I wasn't ready for a story so real and raw. I hope Jessica helps you to fight the "boredom and loneliness of unemployment at home." Did you know the scenes of his mansion in the movie the Great Gatsby were all done with CGI? Don't read Irvine Walsh anymore. The bottle he speaks of should have a skull and cross-bones on the label. Try to find a good naturalpathic doctor. If you're going to have the miraculous healing you deserve it won't come through traditional medicine. If you doubt this statement check out the you tube video "The Cure for Cancer" by Ty Bollinger. Yes I know you don't have cancer but this video reveals how the power elite set up the medical system to reap immense profits from the sale of drugs. Finally I'll pray to Mother Mary and Archangel Rachel for a miracle. I haven't given up on you. Don't you ever give up.

karen salander      5/02/16 1:07 AM

You have so much fight in you and are uncommonly in touch with your feelings - freely writing about thoughts that most of us would subconsciously bury and consider untouchable. It's as if you are more ALIVE. That's exciting to me. I want to think like that. To be that alive. Really looking forward to the next installment. Show me the way.

Debbie Pinkham      4/28/16 1:23 AM

No words, except...oh, honey! This is great!
Morgane Brun      4/28/16 6:42 AM
Thank you so much Debbie! A wonderful comment to wake up to!

David Baillie      4/27/16 9:51 PM

As this series progresses, I find myself more and more drawn and encapsulated by the harrowing nature of how difficult this process must be. Stay Strong. Love Yourself.
Morgane Brun      4/27/16 9:59 PM
I really appreciate that. Simple words but they go a long way. Thank you :)

Brooks Leming      4/10/16 4:53 PM

Love the series so far. I eagerly await the third installment. :)
Morgane Brun      4/12/16 6:28 PM
Thanks very much! Hope you enjoyed the third installment, fourth will be out tomorrow :)

Brooks Leming      4/10/16 10:42 AM

Love the series so far. I eagerly await the third installment. :)

Maggie John      4/08/16 8:05 PM

You're very brave Morgane, and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story!
Morgane Brun      4/12/16 6:28 PM
Thank you so much Maggie, that's really kind and wonderful to hear!

James Priest      4/07/16 11:41 PM

Hello Morgane, I find your story fascinating and—guess what—well written, very well written. Through your writing, I hope this window you've opened for the world to see you, and for you to see the world, will lead to increasingly positive happenings to come. All the best to you, and I will follow your entries with anticipation.
Morgane Brun      4/12/16 6:30 PM
Thank you so much for that comment James! I do hope my story is interesting enough to gain enough popularity to shed a bit of awareness on young stroke. I hope you enjoyed the last entry, and that you'll enjoy the one tomorrow :)

karen salander      4/07/16 6:16 AM

How did you determine the title? When skimming through the lists I assumed the story would be about an eleven year old girl who gave birth to a daughter who is now a pregnant ten year old. Quite sensational. After reading the overview and realizing my assumption was wrong, I subscribed to your series and dove into the first installment. Although I can imagine how the title might relate if all of this had happened to me, I'd rather hear how it evolved from the author. Miss Brune, would you be willing to share how the title was selected?
karen salander      4/17/16 2:16 AM
Thanks for explaining how the title aligns with your experience. I hadn't thought of that perspective!

karen salander      4/14/16 2:18 AM
Thanks for explaining how the title aligns with your experience. I hadn't thought of that perspective!

Morgane Brun      4/12/16 6:27 PM
Hah, yes, I realise the title could be a little confusing and misleading at first. I guess I came up with it originally because strokes aren't commonly something that happen to 20 year olds, and because I was the youngest patient in my ward by about 50 years when I was in hospital, so it really did make me feel like a grandmother. That's sort of it really, I wasn't really thinking about the angle Brooks Leming understood it as, since although yes, I did need assistance in day-to-day living for a couple months, this series will continue on way past that.

Brooks Leming      4/10/16 5:00 PM
I'm assuming the title is in reference to her needing assistance in day to day living similar to an elderly person. There's a lot of sayings people using comparing someone who is feeble to a grandmother: "my grandmother is stronger than you", "my grandmother could hit harder than you", etc.