Musings of a Champagne Addict
By Lisa Fox

Lisa M. Giannone      5/03/17 12:37 PM

I am totally in agreement with you in I Vant to Be Alone. As time goes by, I have become a bit more introverted and completely drained by other people. For every ten minutes I spend with someone, I need an hour to recover. And there are always unsuspecting people who are overfriendly and don't get that you don't have to talk to a stranger if you are sitting next to them on a subway or in an elevator. I never feel that urge! the way I have resolved this is that I take mini staycations frequently. Get away from the house, cat, and responsibilities. I stay at a nice spa across the street, get pampered, relax, and write in complete anonymity, made easier by hotels that send you a digital key to your phone, completely removing the need to even deal with the front desks. I am completely refreshed after these stays, but within 5 minutes of returning, right back to agitation. I always wish I could move to some planet or island far away but like you, doordash would have to deliver.
Lisa Fox      5/09/17 7:56 AM
Those staycations of yours sound wonderful! What a great idea. And, yes, delivery is always a must. Anything less would be uncivilized.

Jenifer Higgins      9/08/16 5:39 PM

I love your series :) I love that you talk about writing and procrastination. I struggle with that so much myself! And you write in such a humorous and engaging way. I love romance. I'm going to check out your books :)
Lisa Fox      9/09/16 1:30 PM
Thank you so much, Jenifer! You just made my whole day!!! The procrastination struggle is real and constant. It's always so much easier to be lazy. If only sitting in my chair, staring at the wall paid the bills. I'd be a billionaire!

Sandra Robinson      6/17/16 9:01 PM

I know. I didn't realize it either until one of the authors retweeted it on my Twitter page!

Sandra Robinson      6/17/16 3:38 PM

I understand. I am too!! Yeah!
Lisa Fox      6/17/16 3:54 PM
Congratulations to you!!!! Yay for us! I didn't even know we were nominated. The whole thing was an awesome surprise!

Sandra Robinson      6/17/16 3:29 PM

Lisa Fox      6/17/16 3:35 PM
Thank you so much! I'm insanely thrilled!

Kara Klotz      5/06/16 10:34 PM

I'm not addicted to champagne (more of a vodka girl), but I am addicted to this series! I've been subscribed for a year now, and just want to say thanks for the Friday entertainment. :)
Lisa Fox      5/08/16 1:56 PM
Thank you so much, Kara! I am completely honored and thrilled that you enjoy my strange little ramblings. Lol! I like vodka too - it's a refreshing and lovely beverage. I also try not to be the kind of person that discriminates against any alcohol because we are, after all, very refined here.

Morgane Brun      4/07/16 6:28 AM

Wow Lisa, I've only just read the first two posts of your journey and LOVING IT!! You've got such a way with words and you seem to make even the most difficult topics humourous. Can't wait to read more - I just joined Channillo yesterday and am so glad to have stumbled across Musings of a Champagne Addict, a subscription well spent for sure!
Lisa Fox      4/07/16 3:15 PM
Thank you so much, Morgane! Good luck with your series!

Carol Anne Shaw      11/07/15 4:01 AM

HAH! I'm going to love following your journey, Lisa. I have just started writing for Channillo, and I'm finding my way around. Glad to have found Musings of a Champagne Addict! Happy writing.
Lisa Fox      11/08/15 7:03 PM
Hi Carol! Thanks so much! It's great to meet you. Have fun with the writing!

Laura Michaela Banse      9/07/15 3:06 AM

I love the idea of your lists. I just wrote about that very same feeling of failure (and the struggle to get out of bed!) the other day. Perhaps I will incorporate lists into my daily habits.
Lisa Fox      9/18/15 9:33 PM
Thanks, Laura. I find that lists help me. It gives me real and finite achievements to concentrate on instead of the bullshit circling around in my head. When depression hits, we do what we must to cope. I hope you find a system that works best for you!

Rachel McGrath      8/09/15 12:17 PM

Lisa, just read your latest on 'my first sale' and seriously I went through the same thing, twitter, editing everything! It is certainly like nothing I expected but I'm having fun 'learning'!
Lisa Fox      8/21/15 2:17 PM
Thanks so much for checking it out, Rachel! Congrats on your success! Even after all this time, the publishing industry is still not at all what I thought and continues to confound me. I love it too, but it's definitely not the the stuff of anyone's idea of a glamorous dream!

Rachel McGrath      8/04/15 7:06 PM

I love your series! :) Looking forward to more
Lisa Fox      8/07/15 12:44 PM
Thank you so much, Rachel! I'm honored.

Darcie Cameron      6/04/15 9:48 PM

Lisa Fox has a charming voice in the "Musings of a Champagne Addict." She shares snippets of her life with a flare of beauty and keeps you wanting to follow her on her journey.
Lisa Fox      6/05/15 1:23 PM
Thank you so much, Darcie! I'm hugely flattered. You made my whole day!