SWF with Artistic Temperament ISO…
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I’m looking for a fun, sexy relationship that is about more than just sex... but mostly just sex. And household chores.

YOU: Tall, dark-haired, and comfortable wearing sunglasses at night. Preferably Hugh Jackman.

ME: Confident, slightly obnoxious, and definitely unbalanced romance author

Basically, what I need is an international man of mystery who likes adventure, doing laundry, and the Yankees. I require extreme pampering, and I am far too delicate for the harsh winter weather, therefore I need to be swept off to some exotic and warm locale. A private jet can only make you that much more appealing.

I don’t like to use the phrase “domestic slave,” but I am looking for a man that can do a damn fine impersonation of one.  A man who is man enough to do some vacuuming....

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Table of Contents

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