Adventures at Walmart
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The best Walmart I’ve ever been to was in Chalmette, Louisiana, right outside of New Orleans. We used to pile into my roommate’s car (usually at around 3 am), hit the drive-thru Daiquiri Shop, load up on 32 oz White Russians, drive across the street to the SuperCenter and get down to business. Those were good times.

Sadly, my current local Walmart is not located anywhere near a Daiquiri Shop. I’d have to guess the closest one would be… well, probably New Orleans. Too far for a casual detour. That’s the problem with having lived in a number of cities. I get used to the creature comforts of a place and then resent it when they aren’t available where I am currently located. But that’s a whole other post entirely.

Anyway, my friend and I were off to Walmart...

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