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Hello everyone. Thanks for coming by. I’m very excited to kick off Musings of a Champagne Addict here on Channillo!

Please allow me to begin with a brief introduction. My name is Lisa Fox. I write romance novels. I also work a couple of days a week at a restaurant to actually be able to afford my rent. Yes, I am living a cliché. I’m originally from the suburbs of New York City. I’ve lived in Manhattan, New Orleans, San Francisco. I currently live in Pittsburgh. I’ve done some traveling, seen some sights, slept with a few men. I’m forty years old and not at all where I imagined I’d be in life. But really, who is?

I’ve never been married, never had any children. I probably won’t ever do either of those things, but I’ve learned to ‘never say never’ and all that. Still, it is extremely unlikely. When I imagine my old age, my retirement years, I see myself in New Orleans, sitting on my reserved barstool, enjoying an afternoon cocktail while an ever-changing array of much younger men keep me entertained.

And yes, in those dreams, I’m wearing a fabulous hat.

I write romance, though I am thoroughly unromantic. I can’t offer you any hints on how to make Valentine’s Day hotter or how to spice up your marriage. I’ve never felt true love, though I believe it exists. I also believe in aliens, love at first sight, monsters living in my closet, and the power of wishes.

I like a wide variety of things, and they will probably be reoccurring themes here. I like cold champagne and hot coffee. I like naked, dark-haired men with light eyes. I like the summer nights, hot breezes, and the smell of jasmine. I like cities on water and twenty-four hour delivery services. I worship my PlayStation. I never say no to cookies. Though I quit five years ago, I will always be in smoker in my heart. I loved smoking. No matter where I may reside, I am a New Yorker. I try to be a good person, but I too often fail. I rarely get enough sleep.

And that’s pretty much my life. With this column, these entries, I’d like to share with you some of my anecdotes, memories, and mistakes. Maybe even a bit of my writing. I’m hoping these offerings will amuse and entertain you. Maybe you will find a glimmer of yourself in them to relate to. Maybe not. I’m just a woman with a few stories that I hope you’ll like to read. I love feedback, conversations, and comments.

I hope you’ll join the first and third Friday of every month for this journey and maybe allow me get to know you a little bit as well.


Lisa Fox

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