Let Me Tell You About This Guy…
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I went out to dinner last night with a friend and as we were enjoying our very delicious, very gluttonous meal, I said, “I need to think of something to write for my Champagne Addict post for this week.”

She said, “Tell them you went out to dinner with a friend and dined on some quality meat.”

I said, “Isn’t that kind of boring? I mean, I’m a romance author. Shouldn’t I be living a life of glamour and intrigue? You know, fast cars, hot men, weekends in Bora Bora.”

She said, “Well, what have you been writing about?”

I said, “Writing mostly. Odd occurrences. Pretty much whatever’s come to mind.”

She said, “You need to spice it up.”

I agreed.

She said, “Here, I got an...

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