I Don't Get it Myself
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I can be super weird about money.

I will get every meal delivered to my house, happily tip the driver 20% or more and feel just fine about it, but if I'm ordering something online and I get to the checkout and find out that I have to pay for shipping, I'll cancel the whole thing.

I will drop $40 on high-end, specialty coffee beans, but I won't pay the $7 to take an Uber to the shop and will walk the four-mile round trip journey instead.

I will turn the lights off every time I exit a room, even if I'm going back and forth a hundred times into that room to do some kind of chore because electricity, but I will pump the heat in my house to obscene levels just so I don't have to wear socks while I'm sitting in my chair.

Odd as they may be, I feel...

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