Requesting One Happy Pill Please…
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I am in desperate, dire need of an attitude adjustment.

Lately, I have been annoyed and frustrated and generally grumpy all the damn time. It's quite frankly exhausting to be this constantly cranky, and I'm bored and aggravated with it and myself. This, of course, does nothing for my problem and only feeds my annoyed, frustrated, and generally grumpy disposition.

The worst part about it is I literally have nothing to be upset about. I was just named the 2017 Best Nonfiction Series on Channillo (Thank you all so much!). I was accepted into a 'Boys Behaving Badly' pirate romance anthology with a New York Times Best Selling author which should lend me a great bit of exposure. I'm in the middle of writing an interactive novel with a game publisher. I have a part time job tha...

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Table of Contents

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