Rigorous Training – Chapter Three – The End (2)
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dipped his thumb into her pussy, just enough to tease, then pulled it out.

She breathed out a shaky breath. He knew just how to make her throb. “Because I made my decision.”

“And what was that?” He slipped his index finger all the way inside her and brought his thumb to her clit.

She couldn’t control the shudder that ran over her, but that didn’t mean she was going to give in. She smiled and met his gaze. “To follow directions and have some discipline.”

He added his middle finger. “You sure about that?”

Her hips jerked when those long fingers curled inside her. She fought back the heat and managed to maintain her smile. “Yup.”

He lifted off his T-shirt, dropped his shorts. Her heart raced and her internal t...

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