Rigorous Training – Chapter Two (4)
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up close, and a delightful shiver ran over her. She licked her lips, leaned forward, and gave the head a soft, wet kiss. She felt the vibrations of his moan right down in the very core of her pussy. Holding his gaze, she pushed up his T-shirt and licked his stomach, tracing the line down the center of his abs, dragging her tongue over the length of his treasure trail, to the base of his cock. He gasped when she delivered wet butterfly kisses along his shaft. He cupped the back of her head, and she obeyed the silent direction, taking him into her mouth.

“Good girl,” he breathed out. “Now, suck.”

His hips began to move, a deliberate, rhythmic thrust. The taste of him exploded on her tongue, and she sat up a little higher to taste more of him. She wanted him to fuck he...

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