Rigorous Training – Chapter Two (2)
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tapering down to a narrow waist, six-pack abs, powerful thighs. And his cock, semi-hard and nestled in patch of dark blond hair.

He looked out into the night, at the sky, the lake, the woods, and finally, her. The threat of discovery pinned her to the ground and she held her breath. She tried to calm her thundering pulse with the knowledge that she was good distance away from the house. He probably couldn’t see her. Yet it seemed like his eyes lingered over the spot where she hid, located her in the darkness, and then moved on. It was foolish in the extreme, but she crawled backward, deeper into the foliage nonetheless.

He stood there for an eternity, naked and stunning, and then he started stroking his cock.

Christy gulped, her pussy instantly wet. Her eyes followed his hand as it...

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