Rigorous Training – Chapter Two (1)
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Rigorous Training by Lisa Fox – Chapter Two

Christy paced the room for the hundredth time. Dark blue walls, bookshelves, queen-size bed, wood dresser, sliding glass doors, and then back around again. There was nothing else to do. No TV, no internet. She’d already eaten dinner, and she wasn’t hungry for any more food. There were books, but she’d never been much of a reader, and she was far too keyed up sit still anyway.

She contemplated taking another shower, but dismissed the idea. It hadn’t worked earlier, and she doubted the results would be any different now. After her “interview,” she’d taken a hot shower to try to soothe her poor, overworked muscles. She might as well have taken a cold one for the good it did. Her muscles might have been t...

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