Rigorous Training – Chapter One (3)
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folds, and she trembled.

“Concentrate,” he snapped.

She gasped when he spanked her pussy, the sudden sting sharp and hot. She wanted to mold herself to his body and writhe against him, but she closed her eyes instead, breathed out, and found her balance. Pretty soon, she was going to turn around, rip off his clothes, throw him on the floor, and fuck him hard. That one thought kept her upright.

“Good.” He ran fingers back up her hamstring. “Now bring your leg higher.”

She planted her foot on the ground, and stretched her leg up farther, inching it closer to the top of her head. The edge of fatigue was creeping in, her muscles starting to ache. She’d never held a y-scale for this long before, never stretched this far in her life. She wasn’t sure ho...

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