Rigorous Training – Chapter One (2)
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and wood accents were rustic, masculine, and perfectly suited to the man before her. Her gaze touched on his broad shoulders, the curve of his spine, his high, firm ass. She wanted him, and it wasn’t hard to imagine what his cock might taste like. After she got what she needed from him, she was definitely going to let him fuck her.

They took a right and entered his office, a wide open space featuring more dark wood and a breathtaking view of the expanse of nature around them. Mountains rose in the distance, a ragged line in the never-ending stretch of blue sky. She tore her eyes from the bay windows and took in the mahogany desk, the bookshelves lining the walls, the various framed certificates and diplomas. There was only one chair in the room, an executive leather recliner back behind the desk.


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Table of Contents

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