It Was All For Love
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This is a true story.

One fine Sunday morning, not so long ago, I woke up, stumbled downstairs, and went directly over to my coffee center. I choose my beans for the day, ground them up, and poured the delicious grinds into a filter. I lovingly added water to the machine’s well and then flipped the switch, ready for the soft, soothing sounds of percolating to begin…

Only nothing happened.

I frowned, for this should not be. I flipped the switch again. Nothing. I unplugged it, plugged it back in. Nothing. I shook it. Hit it. Sobbed at it. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

My coffee machine was broken.

Now I really want to take a moment to stress here that I am a coffee addict. I drink a pot a day, at minimum. I also want you to keep in mind it was Sunday morning &n...

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