The Space Between Us
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The space between us is minimal, though highly charged. Just an inch. Less than that. The slightest movement and we would be touching.  I can feel the heat of him through my suddenly very restrictive clothes, sense the steady rhythm of his breath. Centimeters. Millimeters. Micrometers between us and yet he is so far away.

To close that distance, to take the next step, would propel us into a completely new world full of realities that maybe I don’t want to explore. Within that space lies a universe of possibilities, and to bridge that gap would set us upon a path that we could never undo.

Do I want to take him out of the realm of my dreams where he can be anything I want him to be? Where he can be exactly what I imagine and do and say and act whatever I envision. I like him there quite a...

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Table of Contents

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